Classifying movements for their implement in 3d software movies conception

As she said laughing: « of course every point movement is a curve in time. Start. Incrementing. Stop. »m

Call me plz.

Many people often speak run walk eats dance make and spend money do something until from the beginning to end of their fucking life go somewhere. Inert act but interactions.

Eats and drinks.

Objects. Created. Go to store. Bought. Used. Selled/bought… Die. Be in scene. Move in scene. Dammaged. Repaired. Destroy(Ed) . Trash.

You can’t do without implementing physics and other science.

Pressure. Wind. Heat. Gravity. Thermodynamics. Nuclear. Electromagnetism. Chemical reactions. Fire. Water. Fluids. Mechanical manufactured crafted. Botanic. Aerodynamics. Roads airs Spatials maritimes displacement.